If you have selected the option "Guest Survey" on your event form, you will have the added step of the "Guest Form." On this step, you will be creating a survey of questions that you need the purchaser to answer. To add a question to the form there is a green, "+ Question" button on the lower right corner. Once you click that button you have the following options:

  1. Question Type - Select the type of question you want to add to the form, (EX: Dropdown, Text Field, Checkbox, Star Rating, etc).
  2. Question Text - Enter the question you wish to ask.
  3. Answer Choices - Some questions may require that you enter answer choices or select additional settings.
  4. Specify placement of question - By default the question will be added to the bottom but you can select the specific placement before or after another question.
  5. Make the answer to this question required - Check the box to make the question required.
  6. Add comment field - Check the box to add a comment field to the question. You can also make this field required.

Once all that is done click the green, "Save Question" button on the lower right corner.