The final step of the setup of your Event form is Preview & Publish. Once you reach this step, the setup of your form is completed and available for use. This step will offer you everything you need to post the form online.


At the very top of the page is a button to launch a preview version of the form. This preview allows you to review your form to decide if any more changes need to be made before you publish it online. You are unable to process any transactions through the preview version of the form.


After the Preview button, you will see the URL for this form. This URL can be used to post the form on your website so it can be launched by a hyperlink. This link could be connected to a button, image, or text on your website.

After the URL, you may see the settings for Text Messaging if you have that optional feature turned on. Please reach out to our support team if you have any questions about the Text Messaging service. Under the Text Messaging section, you can edit the word or phrase that a constituent could text into your assigned phone number to easily access this form. When that code or phrase is texted, the sender will receive a reply containing a URL link to this form for them to launch in their mobile browser.


Along with the code, you are also able to edit the reply that is sent with the form URL and the reply sent after an Event transaction is submitted and the registrant requested a text message confirmation on the form.


After Text Messaging, you will find the Embed Code for your Event Form. You can copy and paste this code into the HTML of your website. This will allow the form to appear built into the frame of your web page rather than having to be launched into a new browser tab.