You can collect Event Attendee contact information and ask questions of attendees via the Attendee Info tab. Below are descriptions of each of the settings available on this tab.



Capture Attendee Info – When set to YES, Attendee Information will display along with a checkbox: “Click here if some or all your guest information is unavailable.”  If unselected, Attendee Information will be required.

Require Attendee Info - When set to YES, Attendee Information (First Name, Last Name & Email) will be required.

Hide Attendee Info on Ticket - When set to YES, Attendee Information will not print on the event ticket.

Capture Attendee Birthdate - When set to YES, Attendee Information will include Birthdate.

Require Birthdate - When set to Yes, Birthdate will be required for Attendees.

Capture Attendee Address - When set to YES, Attendee Information will include Address1, Address2, City, State, Zip, and Country.

Require Attendee Address - When set to YES, Address1, City, Zip, and Country will be required.

Capture Attendee Phone - When set to YES, Attendee Information will include Phone number and Type.

Require Attendee Phone - When set to YES, Phone Number and Type will be required for Attendees.

Allow Attendee to Upload Document – When set to YES, an attendee can upload a document through the form.

Attendee Document Upload Label – This label will display above the button to upload a document on the form.

Use Level Name as Document Category - When set to YES, the name of the Level the attendee is registering for and the document is uploaded under will display as the Document Category of the uploaded file.

Specify Document Category (optional) – Select which Category will be assigned to the uploaded document.

Attendee Info Label - This label will display above the attendee information on the Event form.


The next section will allow you to create customer questions that can appear on the form based on which Event Levels are selected by the registrant or are considered "Event Only" and are displayed a single time regardless of the number of Attendees.


To add custom fields/questions to your form, click the blue “Add Attendee Fields” button. This will add two custom fields at a time. Continue to click the button if you need more. If you need to change the order of your custom fields/questions, you can click on the blue, “Re-order Attendee Fields” button. This will launch a dialog where you can drag and drop your custom fields/questions into a different order.



Once you have added custom fields/questions available on your form you are able to populate the following fields.


Custom Field # Label – This label will appear as the question text for this custom field.

Custom Field # Required? – If checked, the form cannot be submitted without an answer entered for this custom field.

Sensitive Information – If checked, this information provided will be hidden on the Event and Event Attendance grid. A user designated as an Admin would be able to export the information to Excel to view the sensitive information, however all other users would still only see Sensitive Info if they exported the data.

Is Custom Field # a Dropdown? – By default, after the question will be a text field for the registrant to provide an answer. However, if you check this box the answer will change into a Dropdown field. You can populate custom values for the answer to this question. Only one selection can be made from the dropdown picklist.

Picklist Values – These values will appear in the picklist for this custom field. If you wish to remove a listed value, click the “x” next to that value.

Add Value: – Enter in the value you wish to add to the picklist, click the blue “Add” button to add the new value.


Next you will determine whether this question is specific to an attendee or if it applies to everyone who is attending. A specific attendee question would be something like "What is your t-shirt size?" An Event Only Question is one like "What is your golf team name?" since it applies to all the attendees.


Is Event Only Question? – If checked, this question will appear once on the event form for all registrations regardless of Event Level or number of attendees.

Attach to Event Level(s) – If this is not an Event Only Question (the box is not checked), then you are able to select which Event Levels this question should be attached too. When a registrant selects that connected Event Level, the questions appear on the form per attendee. In the example above, all attendees are asked what their t-shirt size is, however only those who purchased the special packages will be attending the luncheon. Therefore, the Individual Golfer level is not included for that question.


Once all your questions have been added, you also can determine if the attendees will be assigned groups using the Use Event Assignment or the Use Table Assignment buttons. You must collect attendee info to use these features. They cannot both be “YES,” however you can elect not to use either option by leaving both marked NO.