Yes, you can resend a survey to the non-responders on any given date. You can view the people who have not taken the survey yet by going to the Survey Status tab on the Survey Results page. Click on the Not Completed and the Not Started bars on the chart to see who has not completed your survey.

To resend the survey, go to the Survey List page and select the survey that you would like to resend a reminder for. The survey that you select must be one that has been previously emailed to a recipient list. Once you select the survey, click on the Resend to Non-Responders button at the top of the grid. You can change the name or keep the default name. You will then be taken to the Schedule or Send step of the survey. From there you can either schedule the survey or send it immediately. This time, it will only go to those people who have not completed the survey. The recipients that have completed the survey will not get this subsequent email.