The Survey Settings step allows you to set options specific to this survey, such as:

  • Determining a start and end date for the survey. If you wish the survey to remain active indefinitely, leave the end date blank.
  • Customizing the message that appears if the survey is not active.
  • Determining if the survey will be sent via an email campaign. Marking this box "yes" will reveal two new tabs for the Welcome Message and Attach Recipient List when you click Save or Save & Next.
  • Setting up notifications when a survey response is submitted.
  • Determining if the survey responses will be anonymous.
  • Capping the number of surveys that can be submitted.
  • Showing the survey on a single page vs. one question per page and the responder will click a Next button to reveal the next question. Note that if you plan to use logic in your questions, for example if you answer a question "yes," a new follow up question will appear, you must leave this box unchecked. Logic is only available when each question is shown on a single page.
  • Allowing the recipients to start the survey and complete it later. If the respondent chooses this option, they will receive a link in their email to complete the survey later.
  • Including survey answers in the thank you email.
  • If this survey is a volunteer application, checking the box next to Volunteer Application will link the responses to the Volunteer Module's Application page.

If this survey is used for things like volunteer or membership applications and you would like it to be reviewed, you can create another, internal survey to record the review. Marking Enable Internal Review "yes" will allow you to select the internal survey you would like to use as well as identifying any internal contacts (AssociationSphere users) or external contacts (any constituent in your database) that will receive a notification to perform the review. You can also determine what Status you would like to assign any surveys/applications submitted that require review.

Lastly, anyone who submits a survey can be automatically assigned to a Constituent CategoryConstituent Skill, and an Email List, if desired.