Either on the Time Tracking tab of a constituent's record or on the main Time Tracking dashboard you will find a green “Add Service” button. Clicking on this Button will open a dialog window to enter your Time Tracking record.

On the dialog you will be able to enter the Constituent's name if it is not already filled in. Then you can enter the start and end time and date of their service. For the entry of Date and Time you have two options Calculate Time or Enter Time.

The Calculate Time option allows you to enter in both the Date/Time From and Date/Time To which will cause the Hours and Minutes fields to automatically calculate based on those inputs.

The Enter Time option will allow you to input your own Hours and Minutes and then enter a Date From and optional Date To.

Beyond the Dates and Time you can also enter in values for the following fields.

Miles - Enter how many miles where traveled as a part of this Time Tracking event.

Dollar Value - What is the estimated cost of the labor hours entered into the Time Tracking record.

Constituent Service Category (x4) - Create and Select values that will label the Time Tracking record.

Related Contact - Select a Constituent who has a relationship with the Time Tracking Constituent which should be connected to this Time Tracking record. Making this selection will create a copy of the Time Tracking record and insert it under the Related Contacts Constituent record.

Location - Create and Select a value to tab the Time Tracking record with a Location of where it took place.

Comments - Input additional details about the Time Tracking event.