Yes, inside the setup of your Event, go to the Event Setup tab and create or edit an Event Level. Once the level dialog window launches you can scroll to the bottom of the popup and find a setting titled, “Member Only Level.” After turning on this setting, a new dropdown field will appear titled, “Membership Purchase Form URL.” Within this dropdown you will be able to select one of your existing Membership Forms. This form will be where an inactive or non-member will be directed to process a new membership.


On the Event registration form, any Event Levels with the “Member Only Level” setting activated will have their Quantity Selector replaced with the following message, “Member Only Click here to unlock with your email.” To select the Event Level, the registrant will click the “Click Here” link and a new dialog box will launch asking for them to enter their email address.


After submitting their email addresses, the software will check it against all the active members to see if a Constituent with the submitted email address set as their default email address has a current/active membership record. If they do, they will be able to select the Member Only Event Level and continue to register for the Event. If there is no Membership or their Membership is expired, the following message will appear: “Sorry, there is no active membership connected to this email. To renew or purchase a new membership please click here.” The “click here” link will direct them to a Membership Form where they can process/renew their membership. After their new Membership transaction has been submitted, they can retry the Event registration.