Yes, a new Survey/Form can be setup, so it is only accessible by internal users. When creating a new Survey/Form, on the Survey/Forms Info tab you will find a checkbox titled, “Is Internal?” Turning on this setting will update this Survey/Form so it cannot be accessed by outside individuals and is only available for entry directly through a Constituent’s internal record. After turning on the setting the only other setup step will be creating the Questions. The setup of these questions is just like any other survey. However, there is no need to collect Constituent Name or other contact information under the Constituent Field Question Type as the Survey/Form will already be linked directly to that Constituent. We recommend using the standard generic Question Types.


After creating your Internal Survey/Form, you will be able to submit data by going directly into the desired Constituent’s record and clicking on the “Custom Forms” tab within their record. If you have multiple Internal Survey/Forms, you will be able to select which form you wish to manage from a dropdown. Also, if you have filled out data on a Survey/Form previously for this Constituent you will see “(Previously Filled)” appear next to the Survey/Form name in that dropdown. After your selection, you will be able to review, edit or enter in new data into the displayed fields. After completing your data entry, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Save and Return Later” this will ensure the information you just entered is saved and you will be able to edit it later.


If you need to see the Form/Survey data entered for multiple Constituents, you can use the Survey/Form module and navigate to Workspace>Survey/Forms>Survey/Forms Results. Here, just like any other Survey/Form, you can view the Summery and Detail results across all Constituents.