After an auction item has been won and bidding has ended, you are able to select that item and add the additional winning bidder and their winning amounts. On the Auction Purchase List grid, you can select the desired Auction item and mouse over the “Actions” menu selecting, “Split Winning Bid.” Before you can split an item, there must already be a single winner assigned and the total winning amount must be listed as the winning bid. Once launched, on the Split Winning Bid dialog window you will be able to search for and add the additional winners to the item. For each winning bidder, you will also be able to input their winning bid amount. The total of each winner’s bid amount must equal the original winning bid amount on the item. After inputting all the necessary information, you will be able to click the blue “Assign Bidders” button. The software will then ask you to confirm the split by typing “Yes” into the blank text field.


After submitting the split, you will see the auction item listed in multiple rows on the Auction grid, one row per winning bidder. Each row will list the entered winning bid amount and each row can be checked out separately for that assigned winning bidder.