Navigate to Workspace > Events > Event Pages. Edit your Event page and navigate to the Event Setup tab. Here you can create and edit your Event Levels.

When setting up an Event Level, there is a field called “# of Attendees Per Purchase.” This field will allow you to set the number of attendees/tickets that will be included if an event registrant selects this level. This setting will trigger the number of times your Attendee Questions get asked and the number of tickets generated/emailed out to the registrant. If you do not wish for any attendees or tickets to be generated for this Level, then you can enter a “0” into this field.

When this ticket Level is selected during an event registration/ticket purchase,

 a) this Level will not ask the registrant for any attendee info,

 b) no tickets will be issued for this Level and no Attendee information will appear for this Level on the Event Detail Grid

 c) this Level will not appear on the Event Attendance grid at all

 d) this Level is listed in Workspace > Events > Events.


Having this ability will allow you to offer both levels with and without attendees side by side on the same Event form.