To renew the memberships, pay invoices, and manage event attendees for companies through the member portal, a primary contact must be assigned for that organization. On the organization's profile page, scroll down to the Company Contacts area. Any constituents identified as employees of the organization will be listed. You can click to check the box under Primary 1 for the constituent who will be managing the organization's account. Ensure that constituent has a valid email address. If there are no Company Contacts identified yet, you can click on the + button to add them.

The Primary Contact will need to create a portal account if they do not already have one. Once they have an active portal account, when they log in they will see the option to select the company or their personal account.

Selecting the company account will open the portal to access all of the company's records and modules that your have authorized in the portal set-up. From here invoices can be paid, memberships can be renewed, event attendees can be managed, and other activities on behalf of the company.