During the setup of your Auction you will be able to include a Fundraising widget that can display all the funds raised, bid or pledged in association with an Auction and other Transactions using the same Fundraising Category.


Within the Setup of your Auction directly after the Auction Setup tab the next tab is called, “Widget Settings”. Here you will be able to turn on the Fundraising Widget by turning on the “Use Widget?” setting to “YES”. Once turn on you will be able to populate the following settings:


Include 'Pay Later' Auction Add-Ons Current Winning Bids in Total – If set to YES, the fundraised progress shown on the chart will include unpaid money from Auction Item Bids and Pay Later Add-Ons.

Include Live Bidder Scroll – If set to YES, when viewing the Auction in the Gallery or Slide Show view you will see under the chart a live updating list of bids placed on the Auction Items.

Goal Amount – What Amount should be displayed as your Fundraising Goal.

Type – Select the type of chart either Thermometer or Donut.

Title – Enter the display name for the chart.

Title Font Size – Select what font size the chart Title should be displayed in (Small, Medium or Large).

Thickness (Donut Only) – If you have selected the Donut chart you will also be able to select how thick the donut is.


After each of those settings have been populated you will be able to customize the colors used for the actual chart which is displayed on the online Auction Page.

Once this setup is complete click the “Save” or “Save & Next” to continue on to the next step.

Note: Live Bidder Scroll is only available when viewing the Gallery or Slide Show view on your online Auction Page