For some Events there maybe a need to only collect a portion or deposit on an Event Level rather than the full price. The first step of setting up Event Level Deposits can be found within the setup of your Event on the Event Settings step under the Financial Information section. Here you will find a toggle setting in the fourth row called, “Collect Level Deposits”. Turing this setting on will automatically turn on the “Save Credit Card Information” setting. Having this setting on will insure the Credit Card used in the transaction is saved on the Constituent's record and can then be used in the future to process the remainder of the Event Level's price.


After you have turn on the “Collect Level Deposits” setting and completed the rest of the steps on the Event Settings page you can click “Save & Next” to move to the Event Setup step where you will be creating and managing your Event Levels.


When launching a new level or managing an existing one you see the “Price” for the Level and next to that will be the new “Deposit Amount”. Here you can enter the desired dollar amount for the deposit you wish to collect for this level. Please note that when a Deposit Amount is set on an Event Level you will not be able to collect the full price through the online form. So at any time if you wish to switch to collecting the full price you will need to remove the Deposit Amount from the Level's setup. Once the settings are complete for the Level you can click the blue “Update” button and continue the setup of your event until finished.


Those viewing the online registration form for your Event will see the Deposit price listed for any Event Levels that have a Deposit Amount set on them. Also as they increase the quantity on that Level they will see the subtotal will increase by multiples of the deposit amount. They will still be able to see what the full cost of the levels is but at this time they are only being charged the Deposit Amount. Any levels that do not have a Deposit Amount listed will operate as normal and charge their full price.


After a deposit only transaction is processed you will see on the transaction record the Amount Paid will match the deposit amount along with any other purchases they may have included. You will also see that the Amount Due matches the price of the Event Level minus the Deposit Amount. Payment on this transaction can be entered by clicking on the blue dollar bill icon in the very first column of the grid. Or if an Invoice has been generated for this owned balance payment can be entered through the Invoice grid or Invoice tab within the Constituent’s record. Since the Credit Card from the original Deposit transaction was save on the registrant’s Constituent record you are able to use that card for processing the payment.