1. Prior to the auction-event credit cards can be collected, and bidders can be pre-registered for the auction by contacting the event attendees from the Event Attendance grid.


2. The Event Attendance grid includes a column, CC on File, which indicates if the event attendee has a credit card on file. This column may be on the far right side of the grid.



a.  A red icon indicates there is no card on file.


b.  A green icon indicates there is at least one credit card on file. Hoovering over the green icon will reveal the last four digits of the card and the expiration date.


3.  If there is an email address for the attendee, be sure it is a unique email address for the attendee if you are having an online auction and text-2-bid.


4.  Right click (or control CTRL click) on the credit card icon to open the constituent’s Payment Options tab in their record.


5.  Each credit card update request must be sent individually. There is currently no way to send this as a batch due to encryption requirements for the update links.



6.  Click on the green Send Update Request to generate an email to the constituent to request that they add a credit card to their account.


7.  When the recipient clicks on the “Click here to update” link they will be directed to a unique, encrypted link to allow them to add their credit card information securely and it will be stored in their account.



8.  Once a credit card is on file for the constituent, the icon under the CC on File column on the Event Attendance grid will change to green.