1. Yes, the Bidder IDs are preassigned but only if the event is linked to the auction page. 
  2. For events linked to auctions, this function cannot be shut off, however the Bidder IDs can be edited if that feature was enabled on the Event Settings page. 
  3. If the event is NOT linked to the auction page, the Event Attendance grid cannot be updated with bidder ID numbers.
  4. Auctions that are not linked to an event can be managed as a stand-alone online auction or a more traditional silent or live auction where winners are manually assigned.
    1. If there is an online auction and it is not linked to an event, only those bidders who have registered for the auction may participate.
    2. If is it not an online auction, any constituent in the database may be manually assigned as the winner for the auction item. 
  5. For auctions linked to event, Bidder IDs are only assigned to unique constituents. 
  6. A unique name and email is required for a unique Bidder ID.