1.  Yes, the auction page can be set up to include a thermometer or donut progress and live bidders scroll.

2.  From the auction page editor, on the Auction Settings tab the Goal Category identifies all the revenue that will be included in the goal widget. 

3.  This Goal Category can also include sources like donation and event page revenue if desired. 

4.  Click Save & Next to save the changes.

5.  Next, go to the Widget Settings tab to select the type of goal progress to display, enter the total goal amount, and customize the colors and labeling. 

6.  Determine if Pay Later Add-ons and the Live Bidder Scroll will be enabled.

7.  Click Save & Next to save the changes.

8.  With the widget enabled, the widget can be best viewed (and projected) on the auction page from the Gallery or Slide Show views.

9.  You can read more about the auction goal progress widget in this support article. https://support.AssociationSphere.com/support/solutions/articles/9000230952-auction-widget-settings 

10.  There is also an option to create another goal progress widget to include on another website, for example the organization’s own website. See this video to learn more about the Goal Progress feature here https://vimeo.com/773462639 (Password: AS2021)

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