1. Yes, the credit card used can be selected with individual checkout from the Auctions grid, but not in the Bid History Batch Process bids.

2.  For Bid History Batch Process charges, the system will choose the credit card with the farthest expiration date as the default.

3.  For the Bid History Batch Process, if the bidder wants to use a different card than the default, the other credit cards will need to be deleted from their record. See this article for deleting credit cards: https://support.associationsphere.com/en/support/solutions/articles/67000732501-how-can-i-remove-a-credit-card-from-a-constituent-s-record-

4. For individual checkout, from the checkout window with the Payment Type “Credit Card” selected, all credit cards on file will be listed under Payment Options.

5.  Choose the appropriate card or click on New Credit Card to enter a new number.