Yes, in the event set up tab, complimentary tickets can be created two ways, by creating an Offline Level or by creating a 100% off coupon.

1. From the event level, toggle the Offline Level to YES.

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2. Any ticket levels identified as Offline Level will only be visible when logged into DonorView and using the same browser to view the page. They are not visible to the public.


 3. You also have the option to create a 100% off coupon using the coupon tab under Event SetUp.

4. After creating the coupon, ensure that the coupon is turned on for the appropriate ticket levels.

5. Only one coupon can be used per transaction.

6. Coupon codes must be shared with registrants or entered by a DonorView user when entering a transaction. They are not visible to the public.

7. The coupon code is entered on the event page under the ticket and add-on selections.

8.  Offline Levels are available in the mobile app, but coupons are not.