1. Tickets can be sold at the door using a credit card and the mobile app. 

2. Selecting the Events module in app, then selecting the appropriate event.

3. The number of tickets and/or add-ons can be selected, then the credit card swiped to record the payment.

4. If the constituent is already in the database, you can select the appropriate constituent, if they are new you can enter their name and contact information including email address and billing zip code.

5. Tickets can also be sold in the back end of the software via a laptop by opening the event page URL found on the Events Pages grid.

6. Select the appropriate ticket levels, add-ons, and enter the contact information. 

7. Below the contact information, you can record the type of payment including checks and cash if applicable.

8. Choose credit card to manually enter the card number instead of using the swiper.

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