The auction add-on feature is as easy way to create and manage paddle raises, fund-a-need, or call-to-heart donation drives at an event. See this article for more information about auction add-ons.

You also have the option of using a donation page. Each donation page has a unique URL, Text, and QR code that can be shared with guests to make their donations using their phones.

1. From the mobile app, you can use the Payments feature the swipe credit cards and record donations. 

2. You can also write the names down and manually record the donations using a donation page.

3. Log in to the AssociationSphere desktop software.

4. Go to the Transactions & Invoicing module, then click on the Donations Pages link.

5. This video provides an example of entering a transaction via a donation page. (Password: AS2021)

6. Find the appropriate donation page and click on the URL link to open the page using the same browser.

7. At the top of the donation page, use the search bar under Constituent to find the constituent that is making the donation.

8. If the constituent cannot be found, their information can be recorded at the bottom of the page.

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9. Selecting a constituent will auto-populate all the existing information in the payment area.

10. Enter the amount of the donation.

11. If activated, pledges can be recorded with a pay later option.

12. If payment is being made immediately and there is a credit card already on file, it will be defaulted to charge that card.

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13. If the constituent prefers to use a different credit card, select Use another card and enter the information.

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14. Pledges made via check or cash can be recorded via the Add Transaction feature. See this video for information on adding a donation. (Password: AS2021)