The sub-merchant account setup allows credit card transactions processed through AssociationSphere to be deposited directly into your organization's checking account via Stripe, our credit processor. Setup your organization's sub-merchant account by submitting your bank information through our secure Account Setup form in the software.

DV Users must have Bank Authority enabled to add or view the organization's Sub-Merchant Bank Account(s).

  • Admin Users can add "Has Bank Authority" for existing users on the Users Grid in the Account Menu.
  • DV Users with Bank Authority do not have to be a Signer/Responsible Individual for the Organization's bank account; however, they will need to provide detailed information for that individual to complete the setup the sub-merchant account and verify the individual’s identity in compliance with KYC (Know Your Customer) and OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) regulations.


Information Needed to Complete the Sub-merchant Setup: 

  • Legal Name of Organization, DBA Name (if applicable), Federal Tax ID/EIN, Physical Mailing Address, Phone Number and Website.

  • Full Legal Name for the Responsible Individual for Bank Account, Social Security Number, Date of Birth, Organization Title, Physical Home Address, Email Address, and Phone Number.

    • The Name of the Responsible Individual must be entered exactly as it is recorded with government agencies (i.e. IRS) to complete identity verification.
    • The Physical Home Address of the responsible individual must be listed, PO Boxes are not accepted.
    • Listing a cell phone for the individual is recommended as verification codes may need to be received.
  • Organization's Checking Account Number and ABA Routing Number.

If Stripe cannot verify the Responsible Individual's identity based on the provided information, Stripe may request additional information to complete verification, such as submitting an Identification Document (i.e. valid driver’s license, state ID, passport, etc) and/or additional individual or organization information.

Sub-merchant Bank Account Setup Instructions

  • This process is for New Bank Accounts only. To update existing bank account(s), please contact or submit a new support ticket and include the information to be updated.
  • New Users with Bank Authority will be directed to the Account Setup Page when they log in, until the information is submitted in full. Select “Cancel” at the bottom of the page if you are not ready to submit the form.

1. Navigate to Organizational Menu > Account > Bank Information. Select Bank Accounts (top left of grid).


2. Select + New> Bank Account.

3. Complete All Required Fields on the Account Setup page and click the green Submit button.

Enter the name and address for the individual and organization exactly as they appear on government issued ID's (driver's license, passport, etc.) or as they are recorded with government agencies (IRS) to ensure Stripe is able to complete the required identity verifications. Additional details below.

  • The Setup form is only for adding NEW bank accounts. Contact Support for account updates.
  • To add an additional sub-bank account(s) for your Stripe Sub-merchant Account repeat the process.
    One account is included in your subscription. There is a $10/month fee for each additional sub-bank account.
  • To replace your default bank account: submit the new bank account information as listed above then Contact Support and let us know that you want to replace your default bank account with the new account and provide the last 4 digits of the new account number that should be listed as default.

After adding your Bank Account, you will see the details listed in Bank Accounts Grid. To view/edit your Bank Account assignments by AssociationSphere payment page return to the Bank Information Grid (see Screenshots above). 



Important Information about Sub-Merchant Account & Automatic Deposits


By submitting your bank information you agree to the Terms and Conditions listed below and authorize ConnectedView/AssociationSphere to charge your primary payment method provided for all AssociationSphere fees and purchases.

All fields on the Account Setup form are required in order to perform identity checks. This verification is required by OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) and KYC (Know Your Customer) governmental regulations. Federal banking regulations require all accounts to have a physical address on file and will not accept a PO Box. 

OFAC and KYC checks are a mandatory process of identifying and verifying the client's identity when opening a bank account and periodically over time. Banks must ensure that their clients are genuinely who they claim to be. The KYC standards are designed to protect financial institutions against fraud, corruption, money laundering and terrorist financing. KYC involves several steps to establish customer identify, understand the nature of customers' activities and qualify that the source of funds is legitimate. KYC procedures defined by banks involve all the necessary actions to ensure their customers are real and assess and monitor risks. Stripe must collect, verify and maintain information on the individuals associated with every US Stripe account, as required by our regulators and financial partners. Stripe requires customers to provide their personal information for identity verification and regulatory compliance purposes. The company stores this information securely using industry-standard encryption methods and limits access to authorized personnel only.  

Automatic Deposit Terms & Conditions

One sub-merchant account is included with the software subscription. Additional sub-bank accounts can be setup for direct deposit for a fee of $10/month. Note, we are only able to deposit funds into checking accounts.

ConnectedView will directly deposit all funds (minus the processing fee) to the client’s checking account within 48-96 hours after a donation, event, membership, or program transaction is successfully processed via AssociationSphere software using a credit card.

ConnectedView will provide weekly transaction statements to the client for all the activity related to donations, events, memberships, programs, etc. Statements can be viewed on demand in the Statements tab in the Billing Section.

Failure to complete the required verification process will result in suspension of your sub-merchant account by Stripe. ConnectedView will continue to process your online credit transactions, however, will be unable to directly deposit funds into your account. Instead, you will receive a manual check once per month (after the 15th of the month). There is a $50/month administrative fee assessed on all manual checks issued.

In the event of a disputed charge by the client’s constituent, refunds and chargebacks will be handled as follows:

  1. ConnectedView will notify the client with details within 24 hours of the disputed charge.
  2. On the next billing cycle (the first of the month following the dispute), ConnectedView will attempt to charge the disputed amount (+$50 chargeback fee) on the client’s primary payment method used for their monthly subscription fee for the software.
  3. If the credit card charges are not processed 100%, ConnectedView will send a written notice to the client for the remaining balance (disputed amount + chargeback fee).Within 72 hours of the notice, client will electronically transfer the funds (disputed amount + chargeback fee) to the ConnectedView bank account. 
  4. If the funds are not received by ConnectedView within 72 hours, the client will be charged an additional 1% per month for the delay on the amount due to ConnectedView.