You can now easily enter cash, check or credit card ticket purchases for new and existing constituents. For a new constituent, you need to navigate to the Event Dashboard. There you will find a dropdown menu that contains all your event forms. Select the correct form and click the green “+ Event” button. This will launch the event form and you can fill it out on behalf of the new constituent. Also, the email address is no longer required when you are logged into AssociationSphere, so you can make ticket purchases for constituents without an email address.

For an existing constituent, you can make the ticket purchase from inside their profile and on their Events Tab. There you will see the same dropdown. Select the correct event and click the “+ Event” button this will launch the form and then fill it out on behalf of that constituent. When you get to the billing information you will notice that the name, email and address may already be filled out. If that information exists in the profile of that constituent it will be automatically inserted onto the form.