You can register constituents for events or purchase tickets on their behalf a couple of ways. The first is from Workspace>Events>Event Pages. Click on the URL for the event that the constituent will be registered for to open the Event Form.

From the Event Form, if the constituent is already in the database, you can search for them and select their name to auto populate the contact information in the form. The Constituent search box is located below the event location information. If the constituent is not already in the database, you can proceed to the next steps and enter their contact information at the bottom of the form.

Select the Levels and any Add-ons for the constituent.

Enter in the Attendee information (if known) for the level being registered. If there is a cost for the event, enter the Billing Information for the constituent who is making the purchase. If this is a free event, you can enter the registrant's information as required.

Below the billing information is the Payment Type fields. You can select the payment and enter the appropriate information. You can also Suppress the Thank You Email by checking the box. Check the CAPTCHA box if necessary and click Submit to complete the registration.

The second way to enter an event registration is from the constituent's record. Proceed to the applicable constituent's record and go to their Events Tab. Click on the green button Add Event Purchase to open a new window. Select the event from the drop down list and it will open the Event Form. Complete the entry as described above. The constituent's information will be auto-populated in the billing information.