The mailing list Category is used for building the subscription list available to donors. There are some standard categories delivered with AssociationSphere, but these can be deleted if they are not needed.



As categories are added to lists, they will be available for subscription. One exception is if the category is marked as private.


In Workspace > Email Marketing > Contacts or Workspace > Surveys/Forms > Contacts, the left-hand pane shows your mailing lists.


Select a list and click edit.



Select <New/Edit> from the Category drop-down.



Categories with an open green lock are public and may be available to donors to subscribe to.



To mark a category private, click the Edit icon.



Click the open green lock and it will change to a closed red lock.







You can also delete a category if it is unused by clicking the trash icon.




Note: The category must be removed from all mailing lists before it can be deleted.


There are two ways donors can subscribe to mailing lists (i.e. categories).

The LINK button provides a URL, which looks something like, and can be posted on a webpage.



Another way is to create a JMML (Join My Mailing List) Widget. With this option you can select the lists the donor gets subscribed to; the donor does not select the categories themselves.