From Workspace > CRM > Constituents open the contact record and from the Transactions tab you can delete the ENTIRE event purchase, or from the Events tab you can delete individual tickets.

From Workspace > Events > Events, use the left-hand Events filter to select the event. The grid opens as Events - Summary, click on the trash can icon to delete the ENTIRE event purchase. Or, select Switch to Detail and click on the trash can icon to delete individual tickets.


 - An event ticket purchase cannot be transferred, however you can edit attendees in the Event Attendance Grid. 

 - If a credit card refund is needed, please read this support article, How do I do a refund back onto a Credit Card?

 - The original ticket can be deleted (initiate a credit card refund first, if needed), and a new ticket purchased.

 - The original credit card Txn ID for the gift record can be added as a Memo on the new gift record (ticket purchase) for reference.
In Workspace > Transactions & Invoices > Transactions and Workspace > CRM > Constituents, Transactions tab, the Txn ID column will be available.

 - If a new event ticket is purchased internally, the Payment Type can be selected so no credit card is charged.