Yes, to manage your Table Assignment Templates, navigate to Workspace>Events>Table Templates.

Once on the Table Assignment Template page, you will be able to start from scratch to design a brand-new layout or you can select an existing layout to edit. If you are creating a new layout, begin by selecting the number of seats and then drag the desired table onto the venue floor. Continue this process till you have a finished layout and click the green “Save” button. Saving your layout will allow you to enter a name for the template and that template will then be available for you to use within the Table Assignment feature.


If you wish to edit the layout of an existing template, you can select that template from the dropdown picklist next to the “Save” button. Once selected, you will be able to make any changes to the layout that you would like. After those changes are complete, you can click the green “Save” button to save those changes.


If you wish to delete a template, select it from the dropdown picklist next to the “Save” button. Once selected, you will see the “Delete” button become visible. Click that button and your template will be removed.


Finally, if you are managing the Table Assignments for an Event, you can navigate to Workspace>Events>Table Assignments. If you wish to use one of your layout templates for this event and have not started laying out and assigning your attendees, you will see a dropdown on the far right titled, “Template.” From here you can select from any of your previously created layout templates and click the green, “Apply” button.