1. Guests can be linked by creating a relationship from the constituent’s record, but it does not affect check-in, checkout, or attendance.

2. Two constituents can also be merged if necessary, but it is unlikely that this would be required during an event. 

3. Merging constituents must be evaluated to determine which record should be maintained as the master.

4. Constituents are merged using the Constituent grid.

5. It is recommended that the constituent record linked to the donor portal be maintained as the master record.

6. A list of donor portal accounts can be found in the menu under the organization’s name, clicking on Users, then Portal Users. Use this list to validate if the constituent has a portal account created.

7. See this support article for instructions for merging constituents. https://support.associationsphere.com/support/solutions/articles/67000615464-can-i-merge-two-constituent-records-together-